SES Chicago 2006 – Day 1 – Podcast and Audio Optimization

Amanda Wallington, Searching for Profit
Podcasting is more than time shifted media.

Optimizing is using only a few steps.

Do some front end homework:
– Make sure the name of your show is not already in use
– Not as easy to check as a domain name
– Get art radio
– Review iTunes categories for where you fit
– Be prepared to edit audio tags yourself for each audio file

Steps for success:
– Optimize the sound by Optimizing the ID3 Tags
– Optimize Your Podcast Landing Pages – show,  abstract, etc.
– Build accurate, effective RSS files
– Track and monitor your feeds
– Track and Monitor Submissions, watch for changes
Daron Babin, Webmaster Radio
Production Time
Cost of Production
Equipment (Recording, Compression, etc)
Encoding can be a pain

They are listening…if you are compelling!

Lilsteners do not want to know your dietary strengths or weaknesses.

They don’t want to know about the dog needing be neutered.

Without someone who can handle load, then distribution will be an issue

Tools to Measure Growth – you need them

Become a Pioneer – transcribe everything, Leave no word unspoken…text equity.

Originality and passion equals downloads.

Get to your numbers. 
Rick Klau, VP Publisher Services, Feedburner

Not everyone uses iTunes
Metadata is essential for discovery

The subscription process blows

Get your feeds out there

Ping, ping, ping…

Feedburner now manages 70,000+ podcasts

Consumption is happening everywhere, not just iTunes

Directories – both publicity and consumption

– Create a feed…
– Add iTunes/Media RSS extensions (Smartcast)
– Show notes are criminally underused (60% find a higher traffic through show notes)
– Enable “Pingshot”
– Ensure Auto-delivery is enabled (important)

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