Mobile Business Expo – Unified Communications / Future of the Phone

The following s a combination of two sessions that were both interesting and had considerable overlap – Developing a Successful Unified Communications with Mobile Technology & The Future of the Phone.


Developing a Successful Unified Communications with Mobile Technology
Moderator – Eric Krapf – Business Communications Review
Chris Kardish, Principal, Nemertes Research, Inc.
Marty Parker, Communication Perspective
Brian Riggs, Current Analysis

Communications integrated to optimize business processes. – Parker
Example: Sales as teams instead of many individuals. Increases customer loyalty and speed. How do I standardize it within my enterprise? Biggest problem. Also, standardize this platform. Why isn’t mobile device acquisition standardized? This is the tough nut to crack.

Integration real time and non-real time applications available in one locations. – Riggs
Unified communication is not a product, it’s a solution to a problem.

Extremely interesting session. I would have liked to have provided more detail but there was intense crosstalk with a considerable amount of acronyms.


 The Future of the Phone

Marty Parker – Principal Consultant, Communication Perspectives
Bill Hughes – Principal Analyst, In-Stat

Bill – Will have an identified operating system. Wireless phones are still considered a yuppie toy.

Marty – Voice and a data device. We didn’t have to destroy railroads to build airports. (writes a blog on Friend went to China used only Blackberry. The person doesn’t have a desk anymore. The main number goes only to the secretary.

Marty – Trends to watch, PBX now realizes it’s a software world. Reduce dependence on hardware.

Bill – There is a difference in companies, some micro-manage the bill, others see it as a fountain pen. “We are going to save money no matter what it costs.”

How is mobility going to affect my cost structure?

Marty – budgets drive behavior in corporations.

Bill – I will pay $40 for mobile car charger, but not one cent more for a longer life battery. It makes no sense.

Marty – At IBM, it’s becoming protocol to IM before calling someone. The GPS phone could become your phone and mail code identifier of the future.

This is very complex  topic involving significant leadership focus from the enterprise to drive the complex types of changes that were being discussed. It’s surprising that more people aren’t listening to what they are preaching, they should be.

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