Forrester Consumer Conference – Tuning Into Mobile TV

Charles Glovin gave the presentation

TV be gone!

Mobile video takes many forms.

What is the timetable for success?

Key elements for success…

                        Person to Person       Application to Person
Not Real Time   Video Messaging          Video Downloads 
                        Video Streaming
Real Time         Video Phone                Broadcast TV
                        P2P video streaming     Live Video Streaming
– SeeMeTV

– I-report on CNN

– MobiTV >= 32 channels well known brands – currently repurposed cable content

– GoTV >10 channels

High speed cellular networks are expanding adoption during 2007 to 2008

Broadcast is more efficient than streaming

And new networks are under construction

– True broadcast video, optimized for mobile devices
  – Launching in early 2007 in limited markets
  – Around 25 video channels, plus audio programming
– These new network operators will be wholesalers to the mobile carriers
  – All interactivity will come from the cellular network
  – Excess capacity can be used for datacasting and personalization

New mobile services are slow to catch on.
  – Price, battery life, size and style are decision points
  – Service has to be widely available.
  – Consumers have to understand the proposition
Mobile TV has some additional hurdles
  – Content with broad appeal
  – TV needs to look like TV

TV is just one piece
  – TV on mobile will always be inferior
  – Differentiation lies in its interactive capabilities and in location
  – Enables conversations

Mobile TV’s success is several years away

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