Forrester Consumer Conference – Mobile Marketing’s Play In The Channel Strategy

Charles S. Golvin, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Where do you fit in? Discussed Crest toothpaste mobile campaign example

What tools are available, what is the reach, what are the learnings?

Tools available today:
– Messaging
 – Voting
 – Promotions
 – Search
– Mobile Browser
 – Banners
 – Interstitial
 – Search-based
– Applications and content
 – Free / discounted services

New mechanisms are emerging
 – Physical proximity
 – Coupons and loyalty (Cellfire)
 – Using location (opt-in) to improve targeting

Where does mobile fit?

What is the reach of these tools?
1 in 4 receive text messages regularly

Youth see their mobile phone differently

Think Europe is so far ahead? Think again…
 – Internet penetration is higher in USA than Europe

What does the data mean?
 – Mobile campaigns need to target data adopters

It’s still early
 – Most US consumers still use voice
 – Mobile formats are small and generally difficult to use
 – Ad Standards need to be developed
 – Mobile is a unique channel

Compared with the fixed Web, consumers’ mobile experiences are:
 – Abbreviated
 – Transactional
 – More tied to the physical world
 – Successful campaigns embrace these differences

Best practices
 – Target mobile early adopters
 – Immediacy factor
 – Tailor content to mobile screen and user’s process
 – Use promotions to boost response rate
 – Employ creative or ad formats that match product or service
 – Time campaigns for maximum business ROI
 – Tie mobile to offline marketing

Tomorrow’s mobile marketing next practices
 – Integrated marketing campaigns
 – Performance-based metrics
 – Smart use of innovative functionality
 – Location sensitivity

2 Responses to Forrester Consumer Conference – Mobile Marketing’s Play In The Channel Strategy

  1. David Temple November 6, 2006 at 11:49 am #

    Sounds like a new way for companies to spam.

    “Think Europe is so far ahead? Think again… ”

    According to eMarketer “In a tracking study conducted across five European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) and the US, comScore Networks found that while 29% of European Internet users regularly access the Internet from their mobile phones, only 19% of US users say the same.

    The highest mobile Web penetration was in Germany, Italy and the UK (at 34% each), followed by France and Spain, with the US lagging.”

    Okay maybe Europe is not so far ahead but some countries in Europe are. I don’t see the US catching up, why? Well in Europe and some Asian countries mobile phones are used much more widely.

    Yes, Internet penetration is higher in the US but most of us search at home or work on our computres. Other countries don’t have as many home computers and are use to send sms msgs and surfing the web on their phone.

  2. WSummer April 26, 2008 at 1:29 pm #

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    Very good and actual post.
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