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About Last Night…

What a busy night, I met some new friends Ed Kohler and Banjamin Higginotham of Technologyevangelist came down all the way from Minnesota to attend Techcocktail2!!! What wonderful people. Techcocktail2 was full of great conversation and networking about tech in Chicago. Afterwards, Robert Scoble was staying the night near O’hare airport and I got make a surprise visit with him and meet Maryam for the first time.

Some selected images of the evening:

Two Amsterdam tourists, Maryam Scoble and Robert “Will you link to me please?” Scoble

Lou Calamaras, Brad Spirrison and Katie Spirrison

Frank Gruber and Eric Olson

Ron “Can I have your card?” May

2 thoughts on “About Last Night…

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    Last night’s Tech Cocktail 2 party in Chicago was worth the trip from Minneapolis. We had a chance to interview guests for a full three hours and learn about tons and tons of companies in the Chicago market. Some we……

  2. Makes me wish I’d flown out. Of course I may have been a wallflower.

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