Chicago GSB, Generation X and Some Changes Needed in Online Recruiting

As part of my ongoing discussions regarding the coming transformations in online recruiting, I will need to discuss the growing obsolescence and misleading nature of college and campus recruiting programs (The education is great, the actual access to certain career paths is not – I can say this as an alumni of the University of Chicago GSB MBA program). These serve to create artificial and inefficient job markets that work primarily to serve the future acquisition of students than it does to have corporations acquire the best talent available on the market.  As a society we are not using all of our best resources efficiently due to these outdated recruiting programs and lack of full utilization of Generation X, many have not been redeployed full from the 2000-2003 downturn. This is a major part of the many coming transformations necessary when the baby boomers retire and ones that most organizations are unprepared for.

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