SES Day 2 – Auditing Paid Listings & Click Fraud Issues Session

Basic legal update was presented – you can read this elsewhere.

Edelman – new suit against Yahoo! Alleges spyware in publishing network causing clicks.

Special claims process. Claims process being overseen by a federal judge. What deos click fraud mean. Plaintiff’s lawyer said we are giving up positive praise. Yahoo will have customer panels. John Slade is pleased that these things are settling as it allows the freedom to start talking.

Shuman made a very short statement that shared John’s sentiment.

Paul Vallez (Ask) – they have been trying to learn from Yahoo! and Google.

How big is click fraud? Tom Cuthbert says 14.1% is the figure he sees overall. He did not discuss variability.

Shuman published study that shows fictitious clicks. 17 pages – Shuman says page loads are causing these.

Reports submitted to Google there are Yahoo ads included. Shuman claims some people have reported over 100% percent.

Lori Weiman reprimanded Shuman for not sharing the report with the panel in advance because it made it impossible to respond to Shuman’s points.
Tom Cuthbert –

Media rating council. IAB is a publisher network and is not the right panel.

Jessie commented on John’s positive contributions. Then pointed to Shuman for issues with

Shuman stated a number of invalid click efforts ongoing from Google.

Jessie then challenged for Shuman to agree that data both sides was necessary. Shuman agreed.

There was a lively and choppy question and answer session (as always).

Analysis: Yahoo! is clearly collaborating with customers to work to solve the issues. Google is clearly trying to move from defense to offense – but I’m uncertain what this accomplishes in the long term. Can’t wait for next time.

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