Catch-up: Through the Voice of Peter Harkins

In our increasingly thriving tech community here in Chicago, one of the more unique people is Peter Harkins. Peter is incredibly bright and talented in terms of both programming and comnon sense beyond his years. He is responsible for the current version of the Sociable plugin. In fact, I recently learned that an introduction I made led to him getting a desirable programming project. Not that he needed the help, he turns down several programming job offers per week. Ah to be a programmer and not a leader capable of becoming one of the most notable agents of change management of the 21st century!

Anyway, I bring Peter up for a few reasons. He has an amazing a sick wit and yet is so humble. He is one of many of my new friends that I’m so glad to have met, I’d love to be in a position to partner with him someday to drive a company to greatness. First he wrote a nice summary of this week’s Vox Non-launch Party. Then there of course there is that now famous programming post.

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