IABC Poll Results and Worse Data

Shel Israel just posted an interesting poll that says many IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) members believe angry bloggers should be ignored.

While I don’t believe polls are always accurate or should be used in lieu of actual discussion, I do believe in the power of data to indicate facts.

If you visit the IABC Jobs section(I prefer the term careers because it at least implies actual development) you will see that it currently has 271 open listings. I don’t think Shel will be too happy to learn that if you apply the word “blog” as a filter you end up with only 3 listings or a mere 1.1% of the roles listed (at the time of this posting) even include the word blog as any part of the job description, monitoring or doing it, let alone a critical part of it. My research was funded by nobody and took far less time than their poll. 🙂 

Effective and progressive culture starts with the hiring process, knowing what you truly want, being open to new ways of approaching problems and why you need it. If people doing the wrong things hire people based on the wrong objectives the cycle sadly continues. It is time for a new era of C-level leadership in corporate America, one who is experienced in change and customer experience management, has an appreciation of diversity of opinion, understands that new metrics must be developed and 21st Century communications tools. The fact that Tom Peters wrote the foreword to “Naked Conversations” speaks volumes on my hypothesis. I can’t wait to join one of those companies in the 1.1%. Is the 1.1% the new 53,561? Maybe.

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  1. shel israel July 8, 2006 at 10:44 am #

    Interesting research, David. In fact, my happiness is not impacted at all. I am evervescent with joy at all the evidence I see of adoption happening in more and more companies of all sizes. As for the Dallas IABC. Let them continue to do what they have always done. That’s what the dinosaurs did. I thinks these guys face the same fate and it will take a meteor shower for them to understand it.

  2. David Dalka July 8, 2006 at 3:26 pm #

    Yeah, I was stunned at the 1.1% result myself!


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